White Leather Jacket

New colours and design patterns for leather jackets this Winter- The top 5

As for the palette of leather texture, which is used by top fashion designers on the catwalks this winter, it is multicolored and abounds of calm tones from tan, beige, camel, sand to vivid red. The white leather jacket traditionally takes a special place among the exclusive models. We also meet resurgent burgundy and cherry tones in some collections.

Defining the design patterns of this winter, it is necessary to point out that flight, aviator both slim-fit and oversized bomber models are very trendy. Multifaceted look with lots of details, such as studs, zippers and other decorations, which are placed on the jackets, is the most spread and favored. Such jackets are especially wearable within classic, casual, sporty and swag styles.

What are the most popular leather jackets this winter?

1. Sheepskin jackets

Shearling jackets are must-haves this season, so as they are super warm and extremely fashionable. Many of celebrities underline these jackets in their casual style when walking to the park or going for shopping. Sheepskin jackets are demonstrated by fashion creators, who introduce them as favorable thing of any person, because it may make the wearer enjoying winter days, and protects the body from cold. They are offered by AMI, Bally, Gucci and others. Some models are sporty and others are classic. Such types of jackets are usually tailored in brown and black colours of leather.

2. Oversized jackets

The new tendencies demand from those ones, who prefer leather jackets to underline a new trend, to follow an oversized jacket. It doesn’t make the look sexy and flawless, and this type of jackets is not a long-lasting trend, but it is comfortable for casual wear and may be worn in team with loose pants by both men and women. Designers offer some mannish look for females, who prefer such jackets. As for males jackets they look a bit fad on them, but they are also created for supporting comfort. Oversized jackets are demonstrated within flight and bomber designs.

3. Quilted leather jackets

This season designers have underlined the absence of any prohibitions within creating a modern look of a snappy dresser. Quilted jackets are mega popular and such designers as Jonathan Saunders, Maiyet and others offer their own devotees for females. Their black jackets are worn in pair with skirts and it means that even sporty elements may be brought into the classic one.

4. Flight jackets

Flight jacket has won the privileges in the fashion world. Both young and adults wear this stylish thing, combining the grunge and biker style with classic elements. For instance women easily put on pencil skirts in pair with such jackets. They are recommended in traditional colours. As for the new shades of such jackets, which are pink-powder, navy, green, olive, hacky and others, they are devoted to creative people, who are not afraid of making experiments. Young people are the most addicted to such changes. Zippers and studs, buckled belts and sequins compose the thing of craftsmanship. Flight jackets are especially favored by bikers and celebrities.

5. Freedom and globalism in leather safari jackets

Olive, grey and hacky colours are demonstrated by Balmain. The philosophy of his collection is due to freedom and globalism, as Olivier Riusteing said. His females collection turned the role of different leather things and opened a wide range of different sophisticated jackets. Leather safari jacket is a bit extraordinary, but it looks great in team with different loose pants with flap pockets and high heel shoes.

So, this winter snowy days may be full of wonders with any type of clothing and colours. But the most appropriative for the harmony with fluffy snowflakes is a white leather jacket.