White Leather Jacket Men

The unconventional jacket trends for men this season- What new in leather jackets

This winter the variety of stylish things abounds of unique variants of designs and tones or prints. We are intrigued by hip things, making the look gorgeous and attractive. Males’ voguish secret is simple – the availability of trendy models of latest leather jackets in the wardrobe. It helps the wearers never be out of touch and have a stunning look, no matter which style is preferred by them.

New designs and new colours are recommended by leading fashion creators. Designers demonstrate almost all the shades of colour palette. So, classic black, brown, red tones are added by unusual beige, sand, camel, tan, powder-pink, blue, navy, olive, hacky and others, which are reflected in leather collections. What are most unconventional jacket trends for men this season?

- Safari leather jacket

African culture is usually presented within demonstrating some fashion models of jackets. So did Balmain, including in menswear collection a stylish jacket to create a marvelous look of an urban guy, dressed in khaki hooded jacket, which is decorated with four snapped flap pockets. No zippers, just buttons are invented for this model. The waist is underlined with the help of black laces. The ¾ sleeves length makes the jacket untraditional in its unexpected silhouette. It may be worn over a turtleneck and be combined with any pants, both leather and denims. Young people will especially be inspired with this classy jacket.

- Combination of leather and fur

Not less popular are the jackets with knit sleeves, but leather vests. Such versions are created by Ovidia & Sons. Animals prints are used within such jackets as well. They are called to create a modish look of a snappy dresser, who prefers wearing individual things. The mixed models appropriate to be worn at different parties.

This winter many versions of jackets have fur sleeves. This combination has endless abilities, because it dictates lots of rules to put on the aforementioned types of jackets for different people. But, they are mostly chosen by celebrities. Fur collars are also enough popular. Belstaff’s collection proves this. A voguish brown leather jacket of hip length with a fur collar may be worn over a warm jersey, like it is recommended in the booklook. 3.1.Phillip’s Lim collection has an elegant model of white leather jacket men, decorated with a black fur collar and black buttons. The jacket is invented for men with a good smart. It helps to create a dandy look, when wearing a white pair of shoes and, putting on strict black pants and a white shirt. It may be worn either at any party or at the office. The jacket is worthy to have it in the wardrobe.

- Oversized flight and bomber jackets

Among unconventional jacket trends there are lots of oversized things which are deemed as the hit of this season. Both flight and bomber designs are demonstrated by many top designers. Vivienne Westwood offers the jackets in the untraditional variety. The jackets are black, black-and white, have no any extra accessories on them, just a few studs and zippers. They are teamed with loose leather pants and make the look sporty and casual.

- Futuristic elements

The dreams to conquer the future are demonstrated in the collections of some designers. White leather jacket men by John Varvatos is accompanied with silver leather sleeves. The jacket looks careless because of a great amount of zippers. Other jackets in black colour are made to underline biker style and have glossy emphasis. Such uniqueness is enough trendy this winter.