Red Leather Jacket Men

The top 5 hot leather jacket designs for men this season

Even though this season the fundamental tones within trendy leather garments are subdued ones, the representatives of the new generation go on creating their own style, provided by voguish bright colours and extraordinary shapes. For instance lots of males underline red leather jackets men, which are called to make the look fresh and eye-catching.

The top 5 leather jacket designs for him:

1. Aviator jacket

This type of jacket has come to the current fashion with bold intensions, because it is an appropriative thing to be worn at any occasions. Office clerks or bikers, teenagers or adults adore this individual design because of its simplicity and comfort. Designers offer such jackets in different tones – bright and traditional brown, black or sand. A.Sauvage underlines the olive leather aviator jacket as the thing, reflecting minimalism but the trend, which is worthy to be chosen nowadays – in the globe of the popularity of retro things within updated models. The jacket is decorated with knit cuffs and one zipped pocket on the chest. It will successfully suit the figure of a handsome guy.

2. Flight jacket

Biker style is powering again. The trend of 80’s and 90’s has returned to the fashion industry. They are also offered by the aforementioned designer in white or black shade. The silhouette is slim-fit and cropped. It makes the look sexy and stylish. The jackets are decorated with both zipped and flapped snap pockets. Studs on the collar add some rock notes, but the jacket has no a waist strap. It is necessary to point out that not only this designer opts out the belts, but lots of others demonstrate this new tendency as well. Moreover the shapes also vary and oversized pea jackets are in mode too.

3. Shirt style jacket

This season we may watch a new way of wearing leather jackets, such as the shirt over the shirt. It means that though leather shirts have become popular, leather shirt style jackets have also opened a new trend in the fashion industry. This type of jackets in black, beige or white colours is shown in the collection of Gosha Rubchinskiy. Red leather jackets men are also worn to be attractive and extravagant. Brown ones are favored among adults and allude to some retro style, but some brown tones add modern look to the wearer. These jackets are usually loose-fit and give an opportunity to put on anything underneath – from a T-shirt – through the sweatshirt. Both skinny and loose pants are appropriative to be combined with it. So, it is a universal thing, even though the design is not traditional for outewear.  

4. Sued leather jackets

Material often says a lot about the jacket and the wearer of it. Tom Ford demonstrates staggering models, which are created for a seductive guy, who values glamour and country style within one look. Some fringed jackets accommodate these two fashion lines. The designer offers to wear these cropped jackets in team with a pair of skinny jeans. Cool leather belts add some temptation to the look.  

5. Shearling jackets

It is not the first season we have been demonstrated such trendy thing as a sheepskin jacket. It is extra functional and mega warm for cold winter days. Lots of celebrities and average people underline the style which brings comfort and smart into the daywear look. A lot of movies underlined this trend and made the fans of the main heroes copy it.

So, in the collections the designers illustrate casual things in different models (flight jackets, bomber, oversized, slim-fit silhouettes) and in various colours. All aforementioned models are individual and open a wide range of abilities to mix the styles.