Quilted Leather Jacket

Top 5 trends in quilted jackets this winter: What's the most popular

This season presents us many different trends in leather jackets, which are crafted of various types of leather fabric, in different shades and silhouettes. It is well known that flying, bomber jackets are in mode today. The shapes are also different – both slim-fit and oversized. This great amount of leather jackets is demonstrated by top fashion designers on the runways and each person can chose some unusual things to look a snappy dresser.

The widespread trend is a quilted leather jacket, which is also popular among celebrities and average people. The fashionmongers advice to buy this piece and create a modish look when combining the jacket with other articles of clothing. Let us watch the top 5, which are the most popular.

1. Neil Berret quilted leather jacket for him

This black aviator leather jacket is created for liberated young persons, who prefer to demonstrate a sophisticated look with the notes of some extravagance. The zest of this jacket is the white flesh on the front. It brightly distinguishes and makes the look unique. The stand-up snapped collar and knit cuffs are harmoniously demonstrated within the thing. Wear this jacket in pair with black official pants, like the designer offers and you’ll be a slapper.

2. Giorgio Armani mens quilted leather jacket

If you fantasize about a cool look and become the best-dressed person, than this classy jacket is up to you! The shirt style collar opens a new world of these types of jackets with lots of abilities to turn the look into a mysterious one. Black colour adds strictness and the conformity to any occasions. The double-breasted jacket is embellished with flapped pockets on the chest and on the waist. The slim-fit silhouette and cropped length are called to underline the figure of a seducer. Use this piece of garments at the office confidently. Wear it in team with strict black trousers and patent shoes, as it is illustrated by the designer.

3. Alexander Wang males quilted jacket

This flawless finding is something new in fashion industry. Wearing this thing, you are risky to look voguish. The designer mixed a few styles within one look, but this jacket is very appropriative for attending parties, walking, filming and even putting it on at the office. Just choose an appropriative thing to combine with it. The classic variant will be the best, so as it will be relevant everywhere.

4. Black leather jacket with quilt by Kent and Kurwen.

Dandy look is guaranteed for those ones, who have bold intentions to get this article of clothing. What are the main characteristics of this extraordinary thing? Shirt styled collar, two horizontal zipped pockets on the chest and two flapped pockets on the waist, buttoned fastening and epaulets on the shoulders, the waist buckled belt and two straps on the cuffs. Any man will look dressy, when putting on such mesmerizing jacket.

5. Belstaff quilted leather jacket for her    

This accurate jacket is an inspiration for fashionable girls. Quilted vest, smooth cuffs, waist and sleeves are nicely mixed within one jacket. It is decorated with silver zipped pockets, zipped closure, snaps on the flapped pockets and on the collar. It is a voguish article for young people. Biker styled cropped jacket may be combined with leather pants. The designer shows a bit unusual mix of a pencil skirt, laced mannish boots and the quilted jacket.

It is necessary to point out that aforementioned jackets are not the limit of your dreams. There are lots of other stunning and posh ones, so just try to have this thing in your closet.