Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Leather and Fur - The perfect fashion statement

Lots of people that love the world of looking and wearing the best clothes always aim to make a statement with whatever they wear. They can be seen wearing items that aren’t exactly popularly worn, items like crop tops, sling bags, high waist pants and skirts. Making a bold fashion statement is what inspires most clothes we see in stores and catwalks. The unfading leather apparel is one of the items one can wear to make the perfect fashion statement. Pairing it with fur amplifies this statement. So match the furred leathered coat with jeans and a cute top and you are sure to be bold and looking sexy.

Leather has made a comeback in the fashion industry. Although it has remained for years a favourite for many, it has been re-designed to give it a more modern look and feel to it. It is usually the leather jacket that has extra lining or padding layered on the inside. The layering can be either shearling or fur. The lining is placed around the collar, sleeves, and bottom of the jacket. It is the shearling that is added more to the jacket. It can come in either white or brown. It is the leather that takes on different colours like, dark brown, black or white. The men’s brown leather jacket that has shearling or fur added is rather common on online stores. There is a women’s jacket available but it looks more like a men’s jacket.

Unlike shearling, fur is placed outside the leather jacket is moderately added to jackets that have hoods. Some leather garments that don’t have hoods, the fur is placed around the neck area. Creating an oversized collar. Other garments have fur lining on both the collar and wrist area. Fashion designer June has created an out of the box leather and fur jacket. The brown ladies jacket is has leather sleeves and everything else is made of fur. She has a wide range of this jacket in different colours, white, black, beige.

The June fur jacket is light and not as loaded as the leather jacket. The fur jacket with leather sleeves screams fashion forward. Making a statement with this baby is easily achievable. Her range offers a sleeveless fur jacket and jackets come at market related prices, at around $600. June isn’t the only designer messy with unique ways to redress leather and fur. Russian designer, Iryna Kruhilakova is also making fur coats with leather sleeves and an overlapping leather collar. She, however, is making them with synthetic fibres. Her jackets come at a bargain, selling for less than a hundred dollars. Both designers made jackets for women. The designs all ooze elegance and confidence for any woman who will be seen wearing them.

The men’s designs have a little less flair and chicness to them. They are more sophisticated and masculine. Most designs come with a fur collar. The Uumm leather jacket with a fur collar makes a fashion statement to men who love being in their suits and ties. It is pretty cost effective going for $720 online. There are a big range of online store to go to find genuine leather pieces at a reasonable price and where you are sure to find different colors of the jacket you like. If you prefer a men’s brown leather jacket over a black one you will find one at your disposal.

Most leather garments and designs are restricted to a certain color. If you prefer or can only afford faux leather and fur garments, no worries. No one will know because most synthetic leathers match the real thing.