Leather Jackets For Women

Fashion alert: leather jackets imitations

Fashion and women are two inevitable elements. The women have a tendency to follow the fashion trends. Well! Sometimes, they end up in total disappointment but if you are not a blind follower of every other fashion trend, you should first equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about your personality and the colors and styles which suit you. Well! The leather jackets for women have been popular with women since ages. In fact, they never out of fashion. But again, it is important to be mindful of some important facts about yourself as well as the pure leather characteristics if you want to choose the best of the leather jackets for women.

Since there are a large number of imitations available on the market and that too on a cheaper rate, you must beware of losing your money for a low quality product. Well! Here are some tips as to how distinguish the pure leather from the imitation one if you want to flaunt your style with an elegant leather jacket.

You may have a feel of the leather by touching it. Yes! The genuine leather can easily be differentiated by way of touching as it is much softer than the fake one. Since the original leather is basically manufactured from half the natural skin and half the processed, so it has the characteristics of both types of leathers. It has more elasticity than the imitation leather as the natural skin renders it flexible and plump.

Secondly, you need to have a sharp observation if you do not want to be betrayed by the similar textures and looks of the genuine and imitation leather types. Yes! You need to observe the surface of the leather apparel, as soon as you see some clear pores and decorative texture on the surface, you must be sure that it is genuine stuff. But you need to be very careful about this as the imitation products are also now manufactured to the nearest possible precision and it is usually hard to differentiate the two.

Moreover, the synthetic or imitation leather needs to have a base of some other material like polyester etc. in order to increase the elasticity of the leather. It is again an attempt to make it look like the original leather to the maximum level. Hence, if a leather apparel has an additional layer in its seam; it is a clear indication that it is imitation leather.

Smell of the true leather is yet another characteristic which easily makes you tell the genuine leather from the imitation one. The true leather has a typical smell which is not there in case of the imitation leather.

Yet another indicator of the imitation leather is its cheap price. Yes! The genuine leather would always cost you a lot more than the imitation. It is a matter of common sense that the copy of any material would be sold at a cheaper rate so as to compete with the original one.

The last but obviously not the least difference between the genuine and imitation leather is revealed when they are set on fire. Yes! The smell of lighted true leather is just like that of a burnt hair but there is a pungent stinky smell of lighted imitation leather. So, it is better to keep these points in mind if you want to tell the genuine leather from the imitation leather.