Italian Leather Jackets

The sleek stylish Italian look - what to wear for it- the experts's tips

Italian style is bohemian. It reflects chic and elegance, classic and minimalism. Italian leather jackets are always the incarnations of flimsy lines, pricey genuine fabric and royal colours. Conservative and modern designs with dominating sleek material are called to create the stapple tendencies on the fashion platform.

What to wear to epitomize a charming harmoniously fitted look to your figure, mood and abilities. The experts’ tips are consistent and include some basic rules.

1. Choose appropriative leather material.

If you prefer to have a graceful look, attracting the attention of surrounding people, then remember such canons: the genuine leather must have some glossy tone, be smooth and reflect the elasticity. The most important characteristic is its durability. The types of leather may be different – deerskin, cowhide, lambskin, bison and others. Each texture is unique, some types are stiff, and others are puffy. Everyone may find his or her own inspiration. And don’t forget about lining, which also has to be sewn of nice material and stay wearable year after year.

2. Find fit design and model

Each wearer tries to find the valuable leather thing, which suits to the style way, figure and being trendy. If you prefer to wear your jacket in any weather conditions and for any occasion, then look for a universal model, tailored in classic designs. Lots of hypnotizing jackets, offered by Italian designers are called to ensure such a stylish way, when both glamour and elegance, simplicity and updated lines are represented within one thing. Gucci and Fendi collections abound of unusually enchanting things, which have adopted the outlook of making the models timeless. The diversity has loose-fit and slim-fit shapes. There are different worthy urban jackets, which may be worn at offices or at the parties, walking in the park or filming etc.

The aforementioned designers illustrate flight, bomber jackets and shirt styled ones. All the models are not decorated with unnecessary articles. The cut is also different – hip or waist length. If you want to look sexy, than fashionmongers recommend to wear cropped jackets. But remember, that Italian look has no any extraordinary things, so modest pants or the pencil skirts are mostly appropriative to have a gorgeous charm.

The designs have also crafted hip length jackets in interesting ways, underlining shoulders’ lines and showing different types of collars. Not just shirt style collar, but a stand up is noteworthy. But there are also collarless models, which are modish today.

3. Look through the colour spectrum

Not less important is the colour palette, which is chosen for latest Italian leather jackets. No flamboyant gamma, just subdued tones, such as pastel, light blue, pink-powder, cream and light brown. Traditional black is always favorite and classic. Chose the jacket in black colour as the basic closet thing, because it will fit for any occasions and buy one in any other proposed tones. Then you will show your addiction to trends and fresh the wardrobe.

Italian style is shown by many celebrities. What can we underline at their voguish looks? James Franco, Jennifer Lopez and others demonstrate sleek Italian jackets by Italian designers. Following Italian style, they pair it with trendy strict pants or classic skirts.

So, if you want to have a staggering and elegant look, abide by the main rules. Italian leather jackets are not created for bikers shows; they are called to underline the royal look. As for the colour, it may be vivid red or white, but there must not be any patchwork accessories, so as the privileges are given to classic tendencies.