Custom Leather Jackets

The customized leather jackets - What Rich and Popular prefered this season

If there is a dilemma what design of leather jackets to chose – biker, aviator, cropped or the hip length, bright or in subdued tones, tailored of quilted, patent, mat or sued texture, just listen to your heart and follow your smart. But do not forget about main tendencies, which are represented by famous fashion houses. Of course, getting the trendiest model does not mean you have succeeded in the voguish look. Most accents depend on the abilities to combine this piece of clothing with others.

Custom leather jackets have lots of common emphasis and lines, but each design is individual within its way of wearing, styles and of course, each jacket’s material varies and underlines the specific of exclusiveness. As for popular fashionable designs, which are preferred by the wearers, they are biker, bomber, oversized and slim-fit jackets. We may also see sheepskin models on the catwalks, which are mega popular this season.

Talking of slim-fit shapes, it is necessary to note, that they are created to underline a beautiful figure, make the look sexy. Saint Laurent, for instance demonstrates extra popular bikers cropped black leather jackets. Some have buttoned closure, that looks elegant and one is zipped. Each collar is individual. There are stand-up and shirt style or double-winged collars. All of them are very popular within the fashion for leather clothing this season. As for pockets, they are both zipped and flapped ones. Such jackets are especially favored among young fashionistas. They can be worn in team with skinny jeans or leather trousers, miniskirts or shorts. Ladies may also add some zest to the look, teaming such model with a pencil skirt and the high heel shoes. For instance, some celebrities, who wear flying jackets this season, demonstrate various tendencies in fashion. Some of them prefer to put on a classic dress underneath the biker jacket, as Cindy Crawford does, and others underline their sexy look with a skinny pair of jeans and high heel footwear, like Kim Kardashian wears.

We are also offered an extraordinary Balmain’s jacket for females in grey colour. The basque design with a yellow strap on the waist and the absence of closure creates a classic and elegant look. This type of shape is suited to the office wear or any other occasions. The African accessories, shown by the designer, fit well to the whole look.

Safari-inspired jacket are on the fashion top this year. They are shown by Balmain and Belstaff collections. These intricate devotees both for females and males are stitched in olive or black shades. Such special incarnations are worthy to have a pricey and extravagant look. The loose-fit pants, adorned with pockets will look great in the mix with the jacket.

Quilted jackets are in fashion as well. Neil Berret’s bomber jacket with quilt is decorated with a white flash on the front. It is the designer’s devotee both for males and females. We also meet this type of jackets at Alexander Wang and Giorgio Armani. It is a cool thing, powering in fashion industry and making the new trend in order to be memorable for years.

And, of course, we may not leave without our attention the sheepskin jacket. So as hooded models are also in mode, let us combine the describing of this trend within one article by Ellie Tahari. The modest jacket, full of minimalism and the abilities to support comfort and warmth is the best offering among custom leather jackets.

We have not reviewed all fashionable things, so as the diversity is rich, but the main tendencies, which are underlined above, are worthy to be chosen.