Cropped Leather Jacket

How to look amazing in a cropped leather jacket: the practical tips

Current and upcoming seasons demonstrate and promise us a wide range of cut jackets, which are offered by leading designers in their latest fashion collections. If you prefer to have a cropped leather jacket in your wardrobe, you have to understand, that this type of garments may not be worn at any occasion, even though some fashionmongers advice to rock the show…

Let us watch the practical tips which may help you to look amazing in a cropped leather jacket.

1. Underline the charms of figure

If you are a fashionista but your motto is to look elegant and follow the latest tendencies at the same time, then remember, that opening the thinnest waist can be attained with the help of a cropped leather jacket. You may wear it with various pants – both skinny and loose-fit, tailored of denims, leather or velvet material, finishing the look by short boots or high heel shoes, sandals or over-knee boots. For instance, Kate Middleton demonstrates the casual look, consisted of brown leather jacket with ¾ sleeves and a pair of blue skinny jeans, adding a zest with a pair of rubber boots. Even royals prefer comfort, sometimes forgetting about the necessity to look mega stunning. Vice versa, Spain’s princess Letizia wears this democratic jacket’s design in sand colour over a tee, but her look is more appropriative for attending a cinema, going for shopping. Nice brown handbag and stylish boots are appropriative to the jacket. Different skirts may be also paired with cropped jackets. Such look will be amazing and sexy; the person will seem very tall and posh.

2. Take into consideration this timeless cut within a grunge style

For those ones, who like demonstrating the rock elements and tones, there is a big variety of studded, snap and zipped jackets, sometimes decorated with sequins or some other details. Many rock musicians demonstrate such jackets on the stage. Some celebrities illustrate this modish thing while filming or in their everyday life. Bikers adore this thing as well. It is very convenient. When enjoying riding, wear a cropped leather jacket in pair with cool leather chaps or pants. Both men and women will value this classy thing.

3. Four seasons a year

It is not a secret that such cool jacket may be useful round the year. At summer cold nights it will warm you and protect your body from winds, when walking or biking. So, do not hesitate to choose this thing as one of the statement pieces of garments in your closet.

Upcoming spring suggests cropped leather jackets in different colours. Especially popular are traditional black, brown, extravagant red, pure white and tender pink. Beige tones are also in mode. Fresh colours may be worn in team with different skirts of various lengths. Cropped leather jacket looks glamour in the mix with a pencil or miniskirt. To have a harmoniously combined look, put on black cropped skinny pants and loafers, like it was once demonstrated by first lady of America. Michelle Obama’s accurate look underlined her perfect smart, when she was visiting a television show, being dressed in a black cropped sued jacket, worn over a blue collarless sweater. This look is noteworthy to be underlined by women who prefer to have this type of jackets.

So, no matter which trend – biker or bomber designed cropped jacket is the most fashionable, the main rule is appropriating to your figure and style.