Blue Leather Jacket

What to buy in leather jackets this season : the top 5  designs trends of this winter

The fundamental reasons to have a leather jacket in the closet this season are the necessity to be warmed and feel comfort, the ability to stand out in a crowd, wearing something extraordinary and multifunctional. There are lots of standpoints according basic indicators, but first of all, it is better to start from discussing the influence of colours and the new tones, which have changed the tendencies and preferences.

The colour spectrum of leather jackets is very wide this season and mostly abounds of subdued tones, but we are also offered some new shades of green and red colours. Blue leather jacket is also demonstrated by top leading designers. White or hacky, powder-pink and sand tones are recommended in many fashion collections.

As for popular silhouettes which represent us the top trends of this winter, they are concentrated on the jackets, reflecting both casual and chick lines. So, what to buy in leather jackets this season?

1. Comfort and style in bomber jackets

The number one position is taken by bomber jackets this season. The versions of them are various and each designer demonstrates his own point of view how to wear this type of clothing. Incredible bomber jackets may be cropped and hip length or a bit longer. They also have various cuffs and collars, so as some designers offer knit and others show leather ones. Most jackets are not suited for business style, but there are some looks, which are consisted of pencil skirts or strict pants in the combination of a bomber jacket. Mechanic topic is developed by Dsquared2. The collection combines denims with leather. A pair of cuffed jeans and a cool jacket is the main line of the collection, which may be easily adopted into the wardrobe of lovers of casual wear.

2. Sportive uniform

Sporty look is also trendy this season. It is adorable among young people and adults. The jackets, including sporty elements, are even offered (as by DKNY) to be mixed with cocktail dresses or miniskirts. Designers decorate such jackets with different emblems, lettering and stripes on the cuffs and collars. Phillip Lim’s blue leather jacket is combined with black and white shades. Checked light skirt finishes this chaotic look within the trendy style.

3. Flight jacket as the part of mega stylish grunge look

This winter flight jackets are offered in different length and shapes. Some are adorned with many zippers and studs, but lots of jackets have no any decorations. Brutal look may be shown with the help of leather skinny or loose pants. Such jackets are also the best ones for enjoying riding if to put on trainers or sneakers in team with them. This universal thing is timeless.

4. Slim-fit VS oversized jackets

If you prefer to underline the figure and make the look sexy, then slim-fit silhouette of leather jacket is up to you. It is always in mode and elegance is provided, no matter if to wear it in pair with pants or skirts. Such traditional shapes are adorable among the representatives of different age. As for oversized patterns, they are not less favored this season and it is demonstrated by celebrities first of all. The fashionmongers advice them as a casual style.

5. Leather and fur within one jacket

Balmain’s menswear collection abounds of sheepskin leather jackets of hip length, cropped biker ones with fur lining and fur collars. But another type of jacket is that one, which has a fur collar or fur sleeves as the details of décor. They open lots of abilities to look posh, wearing extravagant things.

So, change your style with latest tendencies and catch on.