Black Leather Jacket

2014 fall leather trends you should invest in

For all those fashion freaks out there who want to move around and flaunt their style, there is a wide array of materials from which the modern clothing is made. However, leather holds its exclusive place in the world of fashion and style. Whatever is the season, the leather garments and accessories always win the hearts of the fashion lovers. Besides the variety, another catch here is the long life and durability of the leather. Especially if you talk about the garment industry, leather jackets are always preferred in different styles and forms. As for example, a black leather jacket would suit you to wear it with all styles of dresses making it suitable to be worn on the formal as well as informal occasions.

Well! Now when the winter season is just approaching, you should have an idea about the latest trends in the leather jackets this year. You may go for a long leather jacket with a coat collar. The front may be having a zipper or a buttoned closure. Considering the cold season, multiple pockets are in fashion; mostly inset on the lower side of the leather jacket having the flapped closures. In addition, some designer jackets come with an inner jacket also. The cuffs are mostly buttoned or maybe the knitted ones.

As far as the colors and designs are concerned, the mostly preferred shades are the black, brown, yellow, blue and white. However, different shades are also available on the market in addition to these. The most elegant look can be acquired with a black leather jacket. Since it looks glamorous and graceful, there is no alternative to it.

Moreover, one of the most popular trends of fall 2014 is that of adding color and embellishments to the leather jackets. Yes! This is about having the studded leather jackets; depending upon your choice and preferences, you may opt for a fully or partly studded leather jacket. A leather jacket with studded collar and cuffs looks very trendy and modish. The colors of studs also vary to a great extent. In most of the cases the contrasting colors are used; as for instance if the jacket is light colored like brown or white, golden studs look prominent while on the dark shades like black, silver studs look stylish.

In addition, the combination of art and leather is also in fashion these days. Yes! This might surprise many people but the artistic touch given to the leather jackets makes them look unique and elegant. Now it depends on the individual preferences as to what type of pattern you opt for. There are leather jackets with painted cartoon characters as well as the posters of the hot favorite superstars of Hollywood.

The leather jackets these days come with an additional belt also. This allows maximum fitting for all types of body structures. Not just this, there are different seaming patterns for people who want to have the skin tight leather jackets.

If you look at the type of leather used to manufacture the jackets, you will come across different types such as cow skin, sheepskin and lamb leather. Each of these materials has distinct touch and feel according to the characteristic property of each of them. So you may go for your favorite leather jacket according to your personal liking.