Leather Trench Coat

Whats fresh and new in leather trench coats: Whats not to miss

Leather coat is an appropriative thing for wearing it in cold days. It warms and properly protects the body from neck through feet. The trench coat may be combined with a trilby hat and stylish boots. Females can make the look voguish, wearing a stylish handbag and fashionable leather gloves as the addition to the whole style.

What is fresh and new in leather trench coats and which details the designers pay our attention to?

Elegant Italian sleek trench coats are most appropriative for business people – both self-made men and women. They will easily create some urban chic and office style with the help of coats, offered by such Italian designers as Gucci or Fendi. Strict lines, gorgeous silhouettes, appropriative linings and luxurious sleek leather are offered by them. Some jackets have no belts but others are accompanied by stylish buckled straps. No extra additional details, just strictness and elegance are underlined at all.

As for popular colour palette of leather trench coats, it is enough rich – from traditional black and white – to green, brown, cognac, burgundy and other shades. Hunter Original’s burgundy patent shirt styled coat for men is a nice thing for rainy days. Hidden zippers or buttons make the coat classic and the material is very glossy. Rubber boots, which are demonstrated in team with a coat, also suit well to this look. Such a stylish thing will help you to stand out in a crowd.

As for females, the designers offer for them patent coats as well. Pamella Rolands’ stylish black coat with a checked lining, demonstrated in team with a checked pencil skirt and a black turtleneck is the incarnation of royal look with elegant charm. Be bold, put this coat as an office outewear on and feel yourself like a pinup.

Relief leather material is super trendy this season too. Such coats are recommended by Ralph Rucci and Hood by Air fashion houses. As for shapes, which are illustrated by them on the runways, we meet some geometrical silhouettes – both oversized and slim-fit. The first and the second model have loose sleeves, but one design’s sleeves are a bit cut that adds some zest to the look and another’s sleeves are very long. Hood by Air lettering is placed on the coat, we also watch some figures on it. The model looks like it may be transformed into a cropped leather jacket. Boast such coats with stand-up and shirt style collars. Wearing them in team with over-knee high heels boots, it will make your look posh and extraordinary.

The most worthy thing to buy this season is a sheepskin coat. It is a nice mega trendy piece which will warm you in frosty winter days. They are usually offered in classic colours – brown, white or black. These coats may be teamed with caps or fur hats, wide scarves and fashionable gloves. You may add some zest with the help of stylish boots. Shearling coats are much adorable by many celebrities. Rihanna, for instance, used to put on different shapes of this type of coat. Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lopez and Keira Nightly also adore this cozy thing.

So, leather trench coat is especially worthy to be bought by ladies or men for different occasions, so as they need to be stylish and wear practical and voguish things. The leather must be genuine and of high quality. Don’t miss the exclusive things with best types of texture. As we see, patent and sued materials are enough popular among traditional goatskin, deerskin, cowhide and any others types of fabrics.