Leather Coats For Men

How a leather coat can change the way you look- The new trends of this season

Express your mood with a fashionable leather coat. It is a mega trend in the fashion industry this season. Lots of renewed designs are created to make the look extra voguish and reflect the new style. Leather coats for men are updated within new fashion calls and tendencies. As for females leather coats the designs are so various that each woman is able to choose her own model to demonstrate an enchanting look.

Among the new trends of this season it is necessary to point out, that both loose-fit and slim-fit silhouettes are in mode. Oversized variants are not less popular especially within long coats or sheepskin ones. Colour palette is rich in subdued tones, black, brown and olive. Leather texture is different too – some designs are tailored of crocodile leather, others - sued or patent fabric. There are smooth, soft, rough or quilted types of the material.

The designers try to reflect the main fashion philosophy within leather coats for men. They are divided into knee length and long ones. All the models have various types of fastening, some are double-breasted, and others have concealed or open zipped closure. As for cuffs, some of them also have zippers or buttons at the bottom. Among the spread collars, the most popular still stay double-winged and shirt style collars. But there are the models, which have a stand up or a fur collar. The last is relevant within sheepskin designs. The pockets vary as well. The designers recommend flapped or zipped waist and breast ones. Some cuffs are decorated with buckled straps. The waist belts are usually crafted of the same material but most models have no belts.

As for popular models we watch cool strict official ones, which are appropriative for a business style. Both young men and adults prefer this one-of-a-kind elegant type. Such jackets are worn over the turtlenecks and suits with shorts and ties. The coat also suits both to leather and denim pants. Strict shoes or stylish boots fit to the coat. The look may be finished by the voguish hat. Dandy style never goes out of fashion.

Shearling loose-fit coats are also very popular and favored by the wearers. This type of clothing is spread among many celebrities. Lots of designs are alike, just the colour of fur lining distinguishes. There are black leather coats with yellow, white, red or other shades. It is better to combine this piece of clothing with fur or knit hats, scarves and modish gloves. Fashionmongers advice to wear them in pair with laced boots. In cold weather the coat will properly save you.

Among females coats functionality, beauty and impeccable shapes are valued. Each self-made woman must have a trendy leather coat to reflect her perfect smart. Talking about the mainstreams of the females coats, it is necessary to underline, that oversized and hugging the body slim-fit models are demonstrated by the fashion creators fifty-fifty. Both types are enough popular among young ladies and adult women. There are no radical differences, and lots of retro notes are mixed with renewed ones. All the hip coats open many abilities to vary the style from the classic to sporty. As for embellishments, we may note epaulettes, zippers, buttons, sequins, straps. The trendiest collars are shirt styled. And of course, sheepskin coats for her are as popular as those ones for him.

Naturally, there are many other designs, but these ones are fundamental to be chosen by you.