Womens Chaps

Women chaps: new design trends for this Fall-winter collection

Womens chaps are coverings for the legs which are very sturdy, and acts as a protective arm.  They are usually integrated or can be placed upon the trousers. But dissimilar than the trousers these are made up of materials which are leather like or are made up to leather.  The word Chaps is derived from the Spanish word Chaparro, and was originated before the 19th century. With the onset of this style of womens chaps, it has become a stylist trend for both women bikers and women non bikers too. Chaps traditional designs are worn both by men and women and are in trend with the both. The trends which are common among the women are some like,

Dakota designed chaps: these Dakota leather women designed chaps are made up of cow hide and is abrasion resistant. The black leather finish makes it more tempting for all the ladies.  It has four buttoned closures. Waist adjustment system makes it a comfortable wear. It has laced back sides which makes it stylist and appealing. The studded designs at the side and the over sized silver buttons makes it a must have.

Pink pocketed chaps: color is always preferred by women. And pink is the color a lady would swear by. So if that color is integrated in the funkiest outer wear, a chap, then it’s a bonus for them.  A pink pocketed womens chap comes with braided side linings. It even has a wing cap, and a zipper cover. The adjustable belt at the waist makes it an effortless wear in all ways, all seasons. This particular traditional pink can also be opted as white.

Low waist Women leather chaps with Conchos:  since low waist is the trend of the season. So similarly the womens chaps are also designed accordingly. Not very hard to get one, a woman chaps with low waist and associated with Conchos can be the most designed wardrobe possession. These are usually made up of cow hide and the look therefore is up in trend. To maintain the craze of mobile phones, this particular design even comes with cell phone pockets.

Chaps with back fringesWomens chaps with rear fringes come with the adjustable thighs. It makes it comfortable and the fringes stay undisturbed. Some other features that it carries are rare lacing, side fringes optional, snap button making it a comfortable chap to put on for even the whole day outing. This fringe at the rear sides gives it the ultimate cow boy look. So any lady opting for that vintage look, with the chaps on, then this fringed womens chap would be the best choice to go for.

Traditional cut: less is sometimes regarded as more as the saying goes, the less designed traditionally cut chaps are also in the market now a day. This type of Womens chaps are very common among the people who are less flamboyant and likes to keep their style simple and best.  With the traditional black these simple cut chaps are the best for any day riding in any weather and any discipline. It comes with adjustable buckles which help to adjust the size and waist according to need. The length of these chaps can be trimmed and fitted as the way you want.