Western Chaps

New styles patterns of western chaps this season: the top 5 designs

Western chaps are mainly of two variants. The prime one is the shot gun chaps and the other one is the chinks. Both have totally different characteristics and the way of work. Western chaps are coverings for the legs which are very sturdy, and acts as a protective arm.  They are usually integrated or can be placed upon the trousers. But dissimilar than the trousers these are made up of materials which are leather like or are made up to leather.  The word Chaps is derived from the Spanish word Chaparro, and was originated before the 19th century. With the passage of time and developing trend of the western culture and its influence in the wardrobe of the peer generation, has started using the Western chaps as a fashion foot to keep forward. Biker chaps or Western chaps today come in various designs and forms and materials. The list below shows a highlight towards the top 5 fresh designs of this season.

Western chaps shotgun:  A short gun western chap comes with the full length and cover. It has zipper closure from the sides. The Zipper is made up of brass, which gives it a classic look. This design was best preferred by the cow boys in the cold climates. The shotgun chap usually resembles a shape of a shotgun and comes in leather, which acts as a protecting field for rider from climates and other obstacles. 

Fringed Western chaps Chinks Style: A chink style western chaps is one of a kind, mainly preferred by people who are residing in warm climates. This is a style which was originally designed for people doing works which would require protecting their thighs. But today this design has come in trend and people are opting for it because of it protective field and free leg movement. It is even designed with fringes. A western chaps in chink style comes with a half leg length with slightly below the knee.

Ammara suede half chaps: The ammara suede chaps is made up of ammara materials which is long lasting as well as appealing. The ammara suede comes with 2 colour combination. People now a day likes the black and pink combinations, which is bright as well as cool. The chaps come in half the leg size which makes it a comfortable wear in all seasons.

Traditional western chaps: A traditional Western chap is an old wine in new bottle. This design of chaps is very common and the most sorted out for. The Traditional mens chaps with free rear, are the one which was the almost first design of the mens chaps. It mostly comes in the shades of black. And are in vogue all the year and can be worn all the seasons. Made up of cow hide, this traditional chap can be effortlessly worn throughout the day with uneasiness.

English riding chaps: this English riding motorcycle chaps is one for all kind of people, interested in chaps. It gives the best appearance when riding English. This chap is usually tight in fittings and is made up of oz cow leather. They have a grey strip in the sides which makes it the best looking chap design. The legs are usually closed with zipper which makes it easy to wear and adjust sides.