Half Chaps

Types of leather chaps and their practicality- What's new on offer

The cowboy style of clothing is popular and quite fashionable one. Basically, the leather chaps are sheets of leather sewn and cut into accessories like a pant leg, which hangs from a belt to crotch. As leather is an essential material for cowboy style, cowboys used to wear western chaps to a rigid and rough look. It also allows the cowboys to procure their legs while brushing. The biker chaps are available in red and black are very attractive. The down points and scallops are outlined with the studs made up of stainless steel. Leather chap is being used as a uniform for police in many countries.  There are different types of chaps made out of leather. The usage of various types based on the needs and requirement of the user. The half chaps are one among the type that has been widely used nowadays.


Batwing is the most popular leather chaps where one can typically find at the rodeo shows. The cut makes the chaps flare at a bottom and strapped to the leg around the thighs. It  allows good maneuverability for the wearer. This batwing is a full length chaps which secures the wearer’s upper leg with straps and buckles. It is an open design type helps to allow air circulation meant for comfort and better feel. The fringes along with the batwing chaps is the new trendy model which also gives protection from brush, trees and other elements while riding motorcycle. The batwing style chaps can be worn in 2 different ways and it can be adjusted tighter by using the chap. This leather chaps used by cowboy at work in warm areas, as it allows air circulation.

Half chaps:

A good riding grade leather chaps combined with leather jacket, can act as a second skin between the road and the rider. The half chaps are usually used as an equestrian gaiter,  which can be worn over the rider boots to provide the appearance of the tall riding boots. From keeping out all thorns and brush while riding horseback in tough terrain, it protects the rider fro road rash and it is simply  best wardrobe to impress others. It is served for a variety of purposes based the needs. You can use this leather chaps throughout all season as it can withstand any rain and sun.


The chinks come with the cut below the knee and resembling batwings, it also strapped to the legs. It typically comes with fringed and long strips of leather which makes the leather chaps few inches longer in appearance. It is the best wardrobe for humid and warm weather which is typically used mostly by cowboys.

The rodeo chap is the standard one which is specially designed to flap to accentuate  the rider’s movement and make a rider’s movement more dramatic to the judges and spectators.

Shotgun chaps:

It is typically more tight fitting type leather chap when compared to batwings and half chaps. It is typically covered the leg with zipper or similar thing running down from the thigh to above ankles. However, it is good for the colder climate as this leather chap design allows only less heat from the wearer’s body. It is normally used by bikers and equestrians. It provides high class protection and now it is available in a variety of design, style and color.