Wide Leather Belt

The belts which are most preferred this season: the top 5

To create the fashion statement, the wardrobe can never be without the necessary accessories that give twist to your styling. When we talk about the needed accessories, then the leather belts acquire the foremost position due to its versatility to fit well with any outfit. The fashion stores are overflowing with many trendy leather belts with different style, detailing and width like narrow leather belt, wide leather belt, braided leather belt, etc.

Solid smooth belt for formal outfit

Those belts are usually preferred by the office going people for the formal outfit. Such belts are plain, smooth and are of somewhat shiny texture. On formal outfits, mostly black and brown leather belts are preferred both among men and women. They are simple with the holes and metal prong style buckle or sliding metallic buckle. And with the formal outfit, golden and silver metal buckle is more preferable. Some belts with the tooled pattern on the leather belt are also trending.

Wide belt for waist dress and skirts

There is increased vogue for the wide leather belt. They are basically prevalent among women and are worn as the high waist on the dress or skirts. The wide belt with the big plate at the centre as the detailing is much in rage. Somebelt with the fashionable buckle and technology are also loved by people. Celebrities are also seen wearing the plain wide leather belt with the convenient classy interlocking buckle. Such belts are easily noticeable and your simple outfit will look classy and stylish.

Braided belt for the casual look

For the casual look, people are mostly preferred braided belts. Men prefer such belt with the khaki trousers, chinos and shorts. Braided belts are available with different width, but the braided belt with the normal narrow width is more in vogue. There is different woven pattern with different colors are available, but the brown and black braided belt are much in trend. Some also prefer to wear two color woven belts, which match with the color of their outfits.

Skinny belts for any outfits

The skinny belts are very much loved in the fashion world. They are suitable with almost every kind of outfit like short and long dress, plazzo pants, formal attire, trousers etc. The plain leather belt with the trendy buckle style and beautiful colors are much in trend. Colors like white, light pink, black, all shades of brown, red, etc. are available with the different technology of enclosure. Skinny belts with the bow shaped buckles are much in trend, while belt with cut out designs are also like by people.

Elastic belts

This season, the elastic leather belts are also in rage. They are comfortable to the body and goes well with dress and cardigan. They are leather belts with the part of elastic in it. There are many colors like light and dark colors available. They look good with the same or contrasting color outfits and help you show the proper body shapes. Plain stretch belt with very classy and fashionable buckle shape and techniques are loved by people. Some belts are totally elastic, but the front detailing like bow knot, thread enclosure, interlocking closure etc help for closing belt is made up of leather, which will add extra elegancy to your outfit.