White Leather Belt

Choosing an exclusive leather belt - The unconventional design and colors this season

Compared with women, men have less variety in clothes. Wardrobe of men is generally poorer than female, respectively, the ways to diversify the men look are less. Fortunately, there are accessories. They will help to emphasize the image and personal style, make the image more colorful or, conversely, less formal. What are the must have accessories of the new season?

You will not be mistaken, if you call the most common male accessory belt. Belts do not only decorate the man, but also perform a well-defined function - to support the trousers and jeans in their rightful place. In fashion are classic leather belts white, black and brown, their fundamental difference from previous models – is buckle. Buckle men's belt has become more colorful and can now have gold and silver monogram, prints, drawings reserved. In the collections of famous designers there are many color options of leather straps - blue, in colorful stripes, in a cage.

Of course, these belts are not appropriate to wear with a classic suit, but with trousers and jeans of free style. Classic leather belt can be replaced by bright textile model. They are very popular among young people and adolescents for a variety of colors and convenience.

Sports belt

Rather rare kind of belt, especially in the wardrobe of our conservative men. Made of rubber, denim fabrics and all kinds of synthetic materials, this belt should not be worn with a suit or with jeans and a shirt. And if you still dare to fasten it with jeans, add top in Youth style - T-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie.

Belt - casual

Suitable with typically jeans, the most diverse material: leather, faux, rubber, cloth or polymers. Differs from other species, especially by the most sophisticated forms of buckles. Colors of casual-belts are also very different, but most of them are classic: black, brown and white leather belts. Width - 2 cm to 6 cm. Ultra-narrow (2 cm) - inheritance of teenagers. But a casual (5-6 cm) – is suitable for anyone who likes to wear jeans. The only restriction for 6-inch models - not wide enough straps. Therefore, buying yet another pair of "cowboy pants", pay attention to it.

Trouser classics

This belt is made of high quality genuine leather. Slightly rounded at the edges and has a nice, smooth line. The buckle is usually of single-color metal, but liberty of recent years allows it a combination of two colors. However, a true gentleman would agree only on a thin strip underlining the fundamental tone. Trouser classic belt conveniently typically has a width of 4 or 5 cm.

Bright colors on the belt - free style indicators

Proponents of liberal values prefer strict blazer to classical three-piece suit. With this look fits well belt with flat buckle on Coburn button. Imitation of aged metal looks particularly impressive on a solid buckle.

Jeans belt usually is wider than the classic costume one, often stitched around the edges, and has a massive buckle. The palette of colors is small black, brown, and white leather belt. Also relevant remain white leather belts. In our time, to buy a belt - means to acquire comfortable and fashionable accessory that will actively participate in creating the stylish look of a man.