Red Leather Belt

Bright, bold and stylish- The new design trends for leather belts this winter

Out of all everyday accessories, belt can be considered one of the most important and usual decorations that can complement a look of a real man. After all, if  suit, pants or jeans, are chosen according to the size and your weight is stable, it performs only decorative, but very important function.

Without the belt it is difficult to imagine complete business suit, set in the style of smart casual, and even the informal style of casual, which allows to maximally express your individuality, and corresponds to the fashion trends. That is why, many popular leading brands of men's fashion in the world are producing not only clothes but also accessories: SHOES, HANDBAGS, SUNGLASSES, fashion TIES, and, of course, BELTS, - the top 5 must have apparels of every fashionable men. Variety of shapes and textures, technologies and relief drawings embossed leather, buckles and originality of colors, are just impressive. Designers embody all their fantasies to the max.

In the new collections 2014-2015 Corneliani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Corneliani, Brioni and Ralph Lauren, there are models of traditional men's belts made of smooth matte leather, suede and nubuck, textured and perforated, reptile skin, textile, leather and combination nylon of interlaced thin straps. The relevant remains classic – red leather belt.

Belt buckles.

The focus of this accessory is undoubtedly refered to such detail as the buckle. Fashion trend has become brand logo engraved on the buckle. Belt buckles – are made of palladium. Fashionable shape - is rectangular with rounded ends, or may be in the form of a horseshoe in the belt for everyday business suit, or large, of any geometrical shape - a belt for set in a casual style.

Buckles can be with classical fasteners, or closed, which are fastened with a clamp or anchor tabs disposed on the inner side. Reversible buckle are convenient because you can crop belt if it did not fit in size, and do not damage its appearance. But be sure to check the strength of the clip.

Remain trendy double buckle in the shape of rings. They look original, compact and suitable for both formal trousers with a set of smart casual, and look of any informal style.

Men's belt can be designed in sports, youth or classic style - it all depends on your appearance. Note that it is the harmony of colors and textures of the belt with other accessories that makes the image complete. Like in last season, men's belt can be selected not only in tone to shoes, but also to any part of the costume. It can support the popular image of a monotonous or be a bright accent. For men's belts is actual full range of fashionable colors of the season, including "metallic" in different colors.

Among the relevant materials for men's belts 2015 – is smooth and crocodile leather, textiles and woven materials. Very interesting look straps with transparent inserts made of plastic, as well as models with identical fabric trousers or shirts. Relevant colors – brown, black, gray, green and red leather belt.

As decoration for fashion man’s leather belts of the season designers use grommets and rivets, fringe, laser patterning and embossing. In a fashion are available all sizes of men's belts, from narrow to wide, some designers offer asymmetric and very wide "double" belts. In addition to traditional, still in vogue are concealed clasp in front or behind.