Mens Leather Belts

Men Collection of leather accessories: top 5 trends

To create the the stylish look stylists advise men not to forget about the accessories. As you can see, the latest fashion trends tell us that the leather accessories - is the main trend this year. In this season fashion designers offer to wear the skin in any way and for any reason.

Mens Leather Belts

In this season became fashionable braided leather belts of all kinds of performance. For thin men the best choice would be a narrow, low-key belt. Big men are better to choose the wider models. If you prefer a more informal style, choose a model with metal rivets. Metal on clothing has always been associated with rebellion and freedom. Today distinguish leather and textile belts, classic or extravagant for jeans and a business suit. Good belt should be made only genuine leather of very high quality, slightly rounded at the. Buckle can range from monochrome metal to the combining of two different metals.

Mens leather belts of snake can well fit jeans and pants. Due to its pattern, color, skin belts of crocodile, python or snake can be a great addition to the wardrobe of the classic straps made of normal skin. Men belts are not only made of the skin. Trendy belt made of synthetic fabric looks also respectable. It is more suited to jeans.

Leather bracelet

Leather bracelet for men - is not just a decoration, but an accessory with a rich history. In ancient times, leather bracelets for men were considered to be an amulet, a symbol of masculinity and strength. We can assume that this is why this accessory is still so popular among men. Among the fans of leather bracelets are celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Adam Lambert. Very wide leather bracelet with studs and metallic accents - ideal for Jeans and casual style. And to the original and unconventional look you can choose leather bracelet with enamel or with steel and gold decorative elements.


Now the bag for men as well as women, is already an integral part of the wardrobe. This spring trends are practicality, versatility and flexibility. After all, men also tend to be attractive, stylish and fashionable. So feel free to supplement your wardrobe with bright, colorful paints. Bags can be suede, leather, and textiles. The main thing is to know what type of bags can be used in particular look.


Strict and stylish purse immediately tells a lot about its owner. Purse has not only a purely practical purpose, it also serves as a stylish accessory. This is why leather wallets are constantly changing to meet the latest fashion trends. Manufacturers make them of different sizes, produce in unusual colors. Most commonly used material is leather. The most fashionable colors – beige, emerald, as well as models of metallic shade. Popular prints include cell, exquisite designs, abstract paintings. Looks nice pattern with contrasting interior.


Watche - is not only a fashion accessory, but also very necessary thing in the wardrobe of men. They harmoniously complete the look, as well as serve as indicator of success and financial position of the person. The most optimum and fashionable this season is watch with black strap made of smooth leather. They go well with classic style.