Handmade Leather Belts

The trend of handmade customized belts: the choice of rich and famous this season

The trendy belts have always been the part of one’s wardrobe, which can bring the twist in their clothing styling. But to find appropriate belt is the nerve breaking efforts, so people are diverting towards handmade customized belts. This will help them to add detailing as per their requirement and style. The handmade leather belts come with different innovative and artistic design, with different price range from cheap to expensive one. Let’s see what is much liked by the rich and famous people.

People go for the simple to most funky style of the leather belts. The simple leather belt with the small, thin to thick stitched patterns are much in trend. They can be of contrasting color, whose color comes out well on leather color. Different designs are made with the help of stitching. Such belts are preferred due to its simple and classy look. The Celtic leather belt is also liked by people and Italy is famous for such kind of belts. In such belts, the designs are embossed on the leather and are then hand dyed, which ultimately form attention grabbing Celtic design with the contrast color.

Rich people, who can afford expensive belts, also select customized handmade leather belts with the different embellishment. They love the belt embellished with the silver studs, crystals, Swarovski diamonds and many more. The whole belts along with the stylish buckle, both are decorated, which gives funky and cool look. They are usually done on black and brown leather belt. Some also prefer the crystal studs with different colors like yellow, blue, red, which give quite unique look.

People also go for the tooled patterned belts. Both stamped and handmade carved tooled patterns are preferred by people, which is available in many designs. Handmade carved patterns are very popular among people. The designs can be floral, animal print, name, some logo pattern, oak pattern; basket weaved pattern, scenery patterns, etc and many more. Some also like to add classic buckle with their belt, which gives them bold look.

The handmade braided style belt is so much in trend. Mostly black and brown color is more preferred, but different color combinations are also loved by people to match with their outfit. Some people also go for the combination of all different style of belt like belt with the stitched, basket weaved pattern and also stamped tooling.

Thehandmade leather belt with the cut out pattern is also in trend. For the sporty look, people go for the leather belt with equal gapping joined by the small leather strip and coined buttons and the gap is used for inserting the buckle. The hank moody style belt also looks very cool, which have big steel stones studded on the belt. Many different style and patterns are introduced in the market.

The colorful buckle-less handmade leather belts are also the nice piece of belt. They look very trendy on the trousers and skirts. Many beautiful colors are available, which can fit well with any color of outfits. Many celebrities are seen with such kind of buckle-less belt, which has braided pattern in place of the buckle for the enclosure. Some other buckle-less belts are also in fashion, which has holes and are tied in the knot pattern at the side, where the tip of the belt is hanging on the front.