Custom Leather Belts

Customized leather belts - the 5 most liked styles of this season

Leather accessories with your outfits can never be outdated. The most important accessory, the leather belt can also help you to create the style statement. So, in order to transform the normal looking dress in to the unique piece, the selection of best leather belt is very necessary. If you are not getting perfect match to your dress, then you can also go for the custom leather belt, which will enable you to add whatever features you want with respect to the color, pattern, size, material and type of buckle. Let’s see the top 5 custom belt style trending this season.

The name belt

The belt with the carved words is most liked by the people. People like to have their own name, or their favorite brand name, or popular celebrity or some message. People also select different design surrounding the name. It can be animal, bird, floral print, stars, numbers, etc design, which is done with the contrasting colors. Basically people prefer dark brown and light brown colors with the metallic simple round prong buckle. Such belt goes very well with the denims and leather shoes.

The stitched belt

The plain leather belts with different stitching patterns are much in trend among both men and women. They look simple and classy and best for the casual look. People use to select different color leather like navy blue, dark green, black, brown, etc with different contrasting color stitch. For eg, black leather belt with white stitch, brown belt with light brown stitch, etc. This way, people go for the beautiful color combination that suits best with their outfit. Certain belt with thick thread stitch also looks trendy.

Tooled pattern belt

The fastest running styles among custom leather belts are tooled pattern belts. The different colors like burgundy, all shades of brown, black, tan color, olive color etc, are available on which different tooled patterns are done. The tooling pattern can be stamped tooling or hand carved. Both look very classy and edgy. The designs can be customized as per customers demand like it may be consistent design like floral pattern, pebble pattern, oak pattern or design only at the border and many more such designs can be made.

Geometric weaved belt

This custom leather belts consist of handmade different basket weaved patterns. People prefer such basket weaved pattern in usually all shades of brown color. Such belts are available with different shape like straight and tapered shape and with the same color buckle. These styles of belts can be combined with the weave, stitched and carved patterns. The weaving patterns with two different colors also look very stylish. Such basket weaved belt with the name engraved in it are also liked by people.

Braided leather belts

The braided belts are in much vogue among both men and women. Wide ranges of different braiding patterns are available to select from. Most liked is interlocked braided pattern. Mostly brown and black color belts are liked by people, but there is increased trend for the colorful braided leather belt. Many contrasting colors in different combinations like dark blue, light blue, purple, brown, black, and other like colors like peach, light pink etc are used for braiding. Thus it goes well with all colors of outfit. So people go for the custom leather belts with the different color leather of their choice.