WWII Bomber Jacket

The New Styles of Leather Flight Jackets – The Top 5 New Styles

Leather flight jackets are one of the garments associated with the US Army Air Force Pilots, bombardiers and navigators during the World War ll. Later, these jackets became popular not just with the Army Air Corp but also among civilians.  Popularity of these jackets has passed over the public and became branded the timeless classic jacket’.

A2 flight jacket has been launched the first service in 1930 and became a regulation jacket in 1931. These A2 flight jackets are made of genuine goatskin available in different sizes. These jackets have several details, which make them different from other jackets. The details are quality zippers, polyester and cotton lining, fasteners, snap-down collar, snap closure pockets, shoulder epaulets and knit bottom cuffs. However, the original A2 flight jackets have no pockets.

Over the years, A2 jackets have evolved and enhanced for additional comfort of the wearer. Different designers and manufacturers offer new selections of A2 jackets. Some have side hand warmer pockets, inside pockets or vertical-entry pockets.

There are lots of modifications of this A2 jackets today. However, A2 Flight Jackets will still remain as the most popular and considered the mother of all these flight jackets. It is very remarkable how these jackets remain its popularity until today.

Here are some of the most popular flight jackets today:

     • A2 Leather Jackets – These flight jackets are one of the most classic and recognizable military clothing that were ever designed. These jackets have limited edition and reproduced from the original type of A2 flight jacket made of 100% goatskin leather. These jackets feature side and top entry front pockets having snap closure. The cuffs and waistband are knitted.

     • G-1 Leather Jackets – These G-1 flight jackets have been a regulation issue for pilots of the US Navy. These jackets were also used by the US Coast Guards and USMC flight crews during the most well-known battle in the history. These vintage Top Gun jackets are made of 100% lambskin, hand cut, sewn and have aged to perfection. The jackets were designed from 60’s specifications containing light-russet colored collars.  The cuffs and waist bands are made of knit, with one inside-pocket with snap closure, 2 button patch pockets from the outside.

     • MA-1 Flight Jackets – these jackets are military aviator jackets made of 100% cowhide leather with beautiful brass zip. These leather flight jackets feature 100% ribbed knit waistband and cuffs with diamond designed polyester lining to keep the wearers warm. The jackets also features pencil pocket and embossed Alpha logo.

     • Tornado Flight Jackets – these jackets are purposely designed for Tornado Pilots and became an ultimate favorite by the aircrews. These jackets are now available for civilian public. The jackets feature quality cowhide leather in black lined with grey color. There are 2 pockets from the outside with snap closure, with elastic knit waistband and cuffs.

     • Squadron Flight Jackets – these are simple and elegant flying jackets, which are comfortable to wear and the most favorite of fast jet crews. Whether you are pilot or not, these durable flight jackets are perfect for the design, quality and skills. These jackets are made of 100% supple cowhide leather with 100% cotton lining. The colors are available in black lined with grey and dark brown line with terracotta. There are 2 outside pockets with snap closure and 1 deep pocket inside too. These jackets also feature elastic knit waistband and cuffs and the zipper is made of brass.

The 5 Latest Trends in Bomber Jackets for Aviators This Winter

Bomber jackets have come a long way ever since they are made for the bomber pilots during the WW1 and WW11. As we ruminate the Pearl Harbor day, we should remember that men who have battled and died for the USA during the Word War 2 were only just out of adolescence, which have just reached 18 years of age. The WW11 bomber jackets are accented with cartoon characters, challenging pin-up girls, or lucky charms to remind about how these young heroes were into the military services before.

From the start of the war, the members of Army Air Corps were supplied by these military jackets, which are the A-2 leather jackets and been created as the standard flight jackets in 1931. During the World War 11, these bomber jackets became the canvass for the teenage flyers for the expression of their rugged individuality. They have the back of their jackets painted with images having the plane’s nickname with little bombs to know how many times the crew have flown for their missions. At the front of the jackets were personalized patches that usually show their groups or squadron.

From the coarsest of this WWII bomber jacket, skimpiest dressed babes cheerfully ride in the phallic bombs. Other jackets have lovable cartoon characters printed with bombs, and some have caricatures of Pacific Islanders or Native Americans, which are usually, have bones at the noses.

These days, we can see a totally different interpretation of these jackets. These leather WW11 bomber jackets today are fashionable outwear all over the world.  They might still have the usual look of a WWII bomber jacket purposely made for the world war but with the huge changes over the time and the fashion trends, the perspective of these jackets have also changed.

The leather bomber jackets today are also worn by men and women to create stunning images or a fashion statement that can standout to the crowd. Any man loves to look tough in any clothes they wear, and that is what bomber jackets can give today. These bomber jackets are also great to be paired to your simple tee and pants.

It is really amazing how these jackets tend to evolve over the years. In the 21st century, people might not imagine how these leather jackets have enhanced and can be worn in a fashionable way. This is in our generation today, we don’t know how will it go on the next generations, how they will enhance these bomber jackets in the future?

While you could get authentic antique jackets, there are also some top quality jackets that are completely new. The following are some of the original designs of the latest trends in bombers jackets:

     • US WWII A-2 Air Force Original bomber jackets, which are available in tough and supple cowhide or goatskin leather.

     • G-1 bomber jackets, which are similar to A-2 with the difference of fur collar, purposely made for the WWII marines.

     • B-3 bomber jackets are known to be classic shearling jackets from the WWII, but today, they are made of cowhide leather and sheepskin lining.

     • B-17 bomber jackets, which are made for the Navy Air Force, made of nappa leather and 50% of polymide and 50% of acetate print lining.

     • Top Gun G-1, which are made of 100% lamb leather with removable shearling collar. These jackets are available in brown and black colors. These jackets are designed with embroidered patches that were acknowledged by the US Navy’s elite fighters.