White Bomber Jacket

What’s the best to wear with a Bomber jacket this winter - Make your own trend

Bomber jackets got their origin or say recognition after the World War 2. The story goes back to the time when the US army fought against their enemy wearing the shearling made practical and durable Bomber jacket. The idea of this jacket was to provide protection against the environmental and other external factors of war. For most people B3 is the term which defines bomber jacket. As we can guess now, these jackets have been here for a long time now and every season designers bring about a new style in the line of bomber jackets. Over the past few years, designers have played creatively with the style of Bomber jackets.

Today, in Bomber jackets you can find a wide range of styles, designs and colors. The best thing about such vast variety available is that the customers can select for themselves as much styles and designs as possible and carry out a variety of looks, yet remain protective and perfectly brave. The categories of Bomber jackets available are tremendous, so what we would like to pick is the category of colors because readers, this one can go on forever.

This season the color of bomber jacket that most designers have loved playing with is white. Yes, it sounds a little not like the typical bomber jacket style but it is this season. White bomber jacket is this season’s biggest hit and what most celebrities are planning to go out with this winter.

But before we go on about praising the color of this beautiful we will give a brief about why bomber jacket are so famous in the first place. First of all, they are made up of pure shearling wool that is the softest and most comfortable to wear. This fabric provides natural insulation by blocking air spaces and retaining the body heat. It wicks away the moisture and keeps you comfortable for moderate to extreme climate. As designed for the military, such protection was a must.

Coming back to the color, white bomber jacket with such amazing protection is what designers have introduced for this season. Mostly we see dark color jackets in the market, especially for men. However, the trends have changed and designers have loved to play with bold and odd colors. White is definitely the most different and bold color this season.

Now most customers must be going crazy about the dressing style. Well, he is a short brief about what you can really do with your white bomber jacket.

Simply start with the theme of event, or the places where you would want to wear your white bomber jacket. According to the fashion experts, as the bold color would want to keep its impact, it is suggested to wear it with a nice denim jeans and shirt with less textures and prints. This allows you to maintain the grace of the jacket while wearing something that also compliments with it.

We have seen different models carrying white bomber jacket with dark blue denim and a light color T shirt. Some models are also seen wearing black and blue T shirts to balance the brightness of the color.

So with all these styles you can create your best look quite easily.