Vintage Bomber Jacket

5 most popular trends in leather jackets: What’s turning heads this season?

Leather jackets have a different history unlike other wear. They are in the fashion trend since a long time. Some jackets were trending as bomber while some were trending as vintage bomber jacket while some of them even got popular as a celebrity leather jacket. Sometimes even due to some different color and pattern the jackets become popular. The rise and fall of designs and trend has been a part of fashion. Every season new and new jackets come in the market and leave an impression .This season, similarly, there are top five popular trends of the leather jacket that has created an impression on the fashion trend. Those top five leather jackets are listed below:

1. Vintage Flying leather jacket:

This is trending jacket this season. The jacket is a biker jacket and is characterized with fur on the neckline. There may or may not be presence of fur on the neckline. The vintage bomber jacket is characterized with two pockets on either side and the jacket has chain or zipper on the frontal part. The wrist has special design on the edge line.

2. Men’s PU leather biker jacket:

This is the most popular biker jacket made from leather which has been trending in the market. The jacket is mostly popular for its fitting look .The jacket has two pockets on either side and is characterized with the standing collar. The base of the collar has dotted knit design .Apart from that there is one horizontal pocket which is characterized with the presence of a zipper. The jacket when wore gives a wrinkle and shrink appearance. The most trending color in this type of jacket is brown, orange as well as black.

3. Green olive leather jacket :

This is another popular leather jacket which is green in color and has been trending as a casual wear this season. The jacket has three buttons to enclose the jacket .Apart from that the jacket sleeves has three buttons on the wrist edge. The jacket has more like the casual coat design. The jacket has two pockets on either side with open access.

4. Perth leather jacket:

This is the new trending jacket from Perth which is all plain in design but has longer sleeves than normal wears. The jacket has button on the neckline with zipper on the frontal side of the jacket. The jacket has two pockets on either side which is not closed with zipper or any opening. The main reason for getting this jacket so much popularity is its plain design and the quality it has.

5. Scorch Leather jacket:

There is no such specific design in this jacket that makes it more unique but most popularly the jacket is all plain with  black color which makes it more trending. The jacket is stretchable with longer sleeves .The jacket has different design on the waist line as well as wrist line which makes it all different from the rest of the jacket. The most popular form of color is brown or red.

These are the most popular trends of the leather jacket that has been trending in the market. Definitely there are different colors and guides as per the age or sex or sometimes even the color of your skin .But at the present arena, the listed above can make your personality speak much louder and impressive way.