Shearling coats for women

Shearling coats- What are the five must have this season

For this fall season, shearlings coats have found their way back in the fashion wardrobes. These coats have been seen now in the runways, with beautiful models carrying the most stylish looking shearling coats ever.  The Designers this year have promised to re create the most classical and vintage designs of shealring coats that goes back to the history of fashion and leather. The modern touches mixed with the heritage look simply amazing. There are a lot of changes made, both in the quality and style and patterns. Now among the various kinds of changes, there are five top designs that are a must have.

When it comes to the styles of a shearling coat, you can chose between the chic to casual styles depending on how and where you want to wear it. The following article will discuss the five different kinds you can try.

Short shearling jackets:

These jackets fall in the category of casual to evening parties. If found in perfect quality and design short shearling coats are highly in fashion these days. What is important is to ensure that these coats are made up of pure shearling, as in short jackets there are more chances of synthetic leather being mixed along to make up the patterns and designs easily.

Long coats:

Now this category goes back to the vintage and old heritage of shearling coats for women. Like men, in earlier times the long coats made up of pure shearling were also the women’s style statement. In long coats we see some changes however; the designers have improvised the cuts and the fittings. Unlike the old times the fitting is as perfect as a short skin fit jacket. The patterns made are restricted to certain areas  

Bomber jacket styles:

Now who is not aware of the bomber jackets? Bomber jackets have been the most famous coat styles since World War 2 and designers somehow love the idea of bomber and shearling together. The bomber jackets this season in shearling coats for women are slightly lose in fitting with visible stitches. There are belts added and two extra pockets to the usual style of bomber jackets.

Mid length with fur:

Another great style we see are the midi length fur shearling coats for woman and man that are available in different colors and designs. The designers this year have loved the dull and grey tones. You will see light color coats with darker color fur on it that actually looks really beautiful and stylish. These coats are perfect for day to day use.

Urban inspired:

The urban inspired shearling coats for women are my personal favorite. These coats are available in beautiful colors with great shine and stylish knitted beanie. The inside of the coat has warm layers of wool which makes it perfect for chilly winters. These coats are available in different lengths; you will find short, midi and long length in the urban inspired style.

So here we see that there are different styles available in shearling coats for women. Pick your favorite style that has the perfect shearling quality. A true shearling will long last than your expectations if taken care of. Thus, keep in mind the quality and originality of the shearling before making an investment.