Shearling Coat

What to wear in this season collection of Shearling coats: the new trends which are hot this winter

Shearling coats are surely one of the most stylish coats which one could get this season. These coats are made from pure animal skin and comprise of a wool-like surface. These coats tend to keep you warm all the time. In fact, people love to wear shearling coats when the temperatures are quite low. This winter, one would be amazed to witness the versatile collection of these coats in the market. There are a lot of new trends which have already become quite famous. In fact, if you do not have a latest shearling coat this season, you are missing too much. Let us have a goof look at the new trends in shearling coats which are hot this winter.

Fur collars

Most of the best shearling coats this winter are the ones with fur collars. These fur collars give a very attractive look to a shearling coat. Most of the celebrities this season were seen wearing shearling coats with large and thick fur collars. In some cases, this fur extends till the bottom of the jacket along the boundary of its closure. This style not only looks good but is best for keeping you warm and cozy at all times. 

Leather shearling coats

The best leather coats this season are the ones which are made of leather. What can be a better coat than the one made of leather? This leather not only adds an amazing look and shine to the jacket, it also keeps you warm. In fact, who does not love the smooth touch of leather on the surface of their coat? Shearling leather coats are considered to be one of the most durable ones. So if you are a fan of leather, then do get one of the latest leather coats this season.

Lapel collars

Lapel collars have become quite common in coats, but recently they are also being seen in shearling coats. These collars come with a very casual look and make you look quite cool. The lapel collars comprise of two large collars attached together. In most cases, lapel collars come with those coats which comprise of a zip closure at the front.

Plain coats with belts

Nothing can be as graceful as a plain shearling coat with fur collars and a belt at the front for closing the coat! Yes, this season you will find loads of shearling coats in this style where there is a belt at the front for closing or tightening the coat. These coats are quite in trend nowadays due to their unique look which is quite admirable. These coats look best in black color which gives a very neat and decent appearance.

Coats with zip closure

You will also find a number of shearling coats this season with a zip closure. The zipper is usually covered with a sheet in thick shearling coats but in certain coats one can actually see the zipper at the front. This style is good if you are looking for something new in coats.

Sleeveless shearling coats

The trend of sleeveless shearling coats is surely the hottest trend this season. These coats are just like simple ones expect that they do not have sleeves. This design is quite famous among ladies who wish to have a fashionable look.