Mens Shearling Coats

The best men shearling coat designs for this season - Top 5

Fashion is as important for men as it is for women. Overtime, it has become as important for men to stay in style as it was for women. And while talking about fashion, what we can never ignore is the trends and styles available in leather and pure wool. The next thing when talking about leather and wool is shearling; yes there is no ignoring the importance of a good shearling coat.

Shearling is one of the finest wools ever made. It is taken out from a young sheep and tanned to perfection with great efforts and time.  A nicely tanned shearling will stay longer than any of the winter material you have ever brought. As winters makes you wear layers, a good shearling will allow you to keep yourself warm without having to wear layers.

For men, there is nothing better than having a great comfort and freedom of movement. So shearling is the mens favorite choice of investment for a winter season. Following are the top styles men prefer this season in shearling coat designs.

Top 5 trends for shearling coats

Long coats with fur cuffs:

We see this season that designers have explored the styles in fur with coats. Mens shearling coats with fur are readily available this season in different colors and shapes. Talking about shapes, there are different fittings available and the different cuts. For instance, you will see neck covering and buttons while the waist area remains open. Furs on the cuff are more common for men as compared to the fur on neckline this season.

Bomber coat style:

Men love to look tough, that’s all the bomber style is about. Keeping the quality of the jacket same, bomber coats are what men love to wear as shearling as the fabric and bomber style. The history ofcourse as we know goes back to the tough men of US army. However, other than this factor the reason why they prefer bomber is because of its high quality.

Quilted shearling:

Difficult to find but perfect and stylish to wear, quilted men’s shearling coats are quite handsome. These are difficult to find because less designers work on them because of the level of creativity and perfection required to keep the impact of both shearling and quilting. However, these are a must to search.

Skin tight:

Mens shearling coats that are skin tight are another great deal to be purchased. These look extremely stylish on men who are aware of how they want to look and carry a look. Skin tight shearling have various colors and designs available in them that are easy to find and easy to wear with different kinds of clothes.

Lose fitting:

Then there are loose fitting coats that have no exact length or shape. These coats are extremely warm and comfortable to wear. However, they are more casual to wear. If you are looking for something formal and appropriate for all kinds of events, then you would have to consider purchasing this option. Despite that however, they are funky and stylish looking with great comfort of shearling

So with such a great range and variety, men this season should be in style and ready to wear their perfect looking shearling coat.