Leather Bomber Jacket

TOP trends of leather Bomber jackets for this Fall-Winter collection- The 5 hot styles

Leather jackets have been an icon to most of the important people. Back in those days, leather jackets were basically meant for casual wear but with the time being the jacket has been more a part of fashion. Today there are several types of leather jacket. Some leather jackets are vintage while some are bomber jackets too. With the time and trends, there have been shifts in fashion .There were times when different types of bomber jackets were trending while with this season on the way, there seems to be more new trends on leather bomber jacket. Some of the hot and happening styles of leather bomber jackets that are trending in this season are:

1. Sheepskin Leather bomber jacket:

This bomber jacket is made from sheepskin and is generally produced by the popular design of Ralph Lauren. The jacket has been characterized with fur at the neckline and has two pockets on either side. The pocket has no chain and is open .The jacket is generally trending in black color while with one pocket on the left side of the jacket. The jacket has frontal zipper and has edge design on the waist line as well. This jacket is mostly trending in black color.

2. PVC leather bomber jacket:

The leather jacket is made from PVC and is generally produced by the design ASOS. The jacket has straight and dark black colored sleeves with black and white colored stripes on the frontal part of the jacket. The jacket has two diagonal lined pockets with black outline on the zipper. There is presence of dark black outline on neckline and has frontal zipper like normal jackets.

3. Saints Leather jackets:

This jacket is more like shrinking and wrinkled jacket that can be wrapped up and kept in small space. The jacket has two pockets on the chest part and has no other any specific design. The frontal part of the jacket is characterized with zipper and has collapsible collar.

4. Vintage sheepskin leather bomber jacket:

This jacket is more popular for its design and the warmth it provides during winter. The jacket is characterized with frontal diagonal zipper with red outlined edges. The jacket has raised standing collar with fur around the neckline. The jacket also has fur on the wrist line. The jacket is made from the sheepskin and is a vintage design. The jacket is most preferable used by the younger age. The jacket has two pockets on either side.

5. Dolce leather bomber jacket :

This jacket is quite popular among the European teenagers. The jacket is usually seen trending in faded grey color. The jacket has two vertical pockets on either side of the jacket and two horizontal pockets on the either side of jacket. The jacket is characterized with collapsible double layered color and has more like coat feature. The jacket has quite longer sleeves and makes it more trending with this design this season.

Thus these are the most trending top five leather bomber jacket this season in the wear of winter. Hurry up! Go and grab some of these trending jackets from eBay or other online store in most reasonable price. After all this is the only life you have to flaunt your attitude via dress and new trending fashion.