Irvin Flying Jacket

The New Colors and Patterns of Flying Jackets this Season: From Classic to unconventional

Flying Jackets were originally designed with great functionality in mind. Pilots during the WW1 and WW11 needed something to keep them warm as they are flying in high and freezing altitudes. These jackets have become very popular and been a fashion trend when Tom Cruise used these flying jackets in his movie Top Gun.

During the WW1, airplane cockpits were not closed unlike today. That is the reason why war pilots need to have something to keep them warm when they are flying. To solve the problem, US Army has established an Aviation Clothing Brand in 1917 and started to distribute their heavy-duty and fur lined leather jackets.

On the other side, British Royal Air Force was also trying to have solutions on their own. Leslie Irvin has found a solution on 1926 when he designed a flying jacket made from sheepskin that was snapped by the Royal Air Force right away. Irvin flying jacket is superb, with heavyweight sheepskin; the natural wool is providing great insulation. While the sheepskin is known to be heavy, the jacket is amazingly light and oddly comfortable.

Irvin flying jacket is considered a masterpiece, with maximum comfort and warmth combined with great mobility. These jackets have wide collars, which can be raised to give greater insulation to the lower part of the head and neck. The waists have belts to make sure the wind could not drop the pilot’s temperature.

While designers have kept the classic style of the conventional flying jacket, the modern designs were tailored and enhanced to fit the needs of the modern men in today’s generation.

Generally speaking, men during the 1920s and 1930s were smaller compared to the men today, and they are thinner without v-shaped bodies, which describe the men today. Because of that, the shoulders of the modern flying jackets are now broadened to fit the physiques of the modern men today.

During the late 1980s and early of 1990s, this is the period after the movie Top Gun; these flying jackets were at the peak of their trend. However, their popularity has slowly dropped after that, leaving the die-hard enthusiasts keeping them on the rack. However, in the late 2007 the flying jackets make a comeback and became a fashion trend in autumn and winter collections until today.

The trend is born again with the hottest celebrities spotted wearing these flying jackets. The Top Gun Jackets are now featuring richly-colored and luxurious lambskin lining, and when the models are walking at the catwalk, everybody is hooked.

Being re-worked and reproduced for the public, these flying jackets today are the perfect complement and another major trend of the season. Combined to a high-end tailored trend, these new flying jackets looking like the original 30s generation will create an iconic trend when paired to a high-waist jeans and shirt.

These days, flying jackets are made of different materials from conventional leather to the synthetic materials. They are also available in different metallic colors, contrasting to the conventional black and brown leather.

Of course, the original Irvin Flying Jackets are practical to choose, being made of the quality sheepskin leather, the meticulous attention to the details are carefully demonstrated by the designer. These jackets can last for a lifetime not just that, Irvin jackets are known to be a legendary jackets.