G-1 Flight Jacket

How the G1 flight jacket trends has changed this season - the top trends

The utmost priority of a flight jacket is to keep you warm at all times. This is because pilots have to go to high altitudes where the temperature is quite low and they require a good flight jacket to keep them warm at all times. In this regard, a g-1 flight jacket is surely the best option for you. These jackets have always been a favorite of many pilots all over the world. These jackets not only provide your protection from cold, they also make you look more stylish. In fact, these jackets have come with a number of amazing features this season which will simply make you go crazy. In this regard, let us have a glimpse at the changes in g-1 flight jacket and discuss the latest trends.

All of the G-1 flight jackets feature the following qualities:

Fur collars

It is quite interesting to note that all of the g1 jackets this season have come with a thick fur collar. The relevance of these fur collars with the flight jackets seems to be quite understandable since these collars tend to keep you warm at all times. In fact, these fur collars look quite good and intriguing and give a very adorable look to the jacket. The color of the collar is generally chosen such that it looks perfect with the jacket. From example, one of these dark brown jackets comprise of a light brown fur collar which looks great. If you are ready to get this amazing and unique look, they do get one of these jackets.

Flap pockets at front

You will surely not see a g-1 flight jacket with two flap pockets at the front which close with a button. The size of these pockets is quite large due to which they contribute greatly to the look of the jacket. The pockets can be used of keeping things as well as for warming one’s hands. This look is quite preferred by men who are aged because these pockets give a pretty formal style to the jacket.

Front zip closure

No matter how much old the style of front zip closure is, it is still used in many jackets. These jackets come with a front zipper which is covered by a layer of sheet. This gives a very neat look to the jacket since the zipper is not visible to the naked eye anymore. The zipper is usually made of brass and comes in a light brown color.

Knit waistband and cuffs

This is a feature which one would simply love in a bomber jacket. The knit waistbands and cuffs surely give a very unique look to the jacket and ensure that they do not let cold enter your body. This feature is seen in most bomber jackets but is highly preferred in flight jackets. Most of the g1 jackets in this design are available in black and brown colors.

Neat nylon lining

Some of the latest g1 bomber flight jackets come with neat nylon lining which give a very formal look to the jacket. The lining is done all over the boundaries of the jacket. So if you looking for a unique flight jacket with a formal touch, you should definitely consider one of the g1 bomber flight jackets.