Brown Bomber Jacket

Design trends for leather jackets: Whats colors and textures are must this season

Leather jackets have so wide history that it is rather hard to explain how it evolve and what were the trends it followed all the way till today when it has one of the largest varieties of leather jackets in the shop. Whether you want the bomber jacket or the vintage leather jacket or the saint leather jacket all are available in market or even online. But it’s not always the celebrity that makes it popular and it is not always brand that can take it to the height. There are few jackets that are ruling the market of local leather jacket through their color and texture this season. Those few jackets that are popular for the color and texture are:

1. Black color jacket:

This season it has been seen that the black color leather jacket has been trending unlike previous year when orange color was on higher level. This jacket has better reflection ability and it lightens up the skin too .So perhaps that is the reason this black color jacket has been trending this year. Generally black jacket from Ralph Lauren, Vintage and ASOS are trending in black color. These color jackets generally have zipper on the front part of the jacket.

2. Grey colored jacket:

This is another color that is seen trending this season. Generally the biker jacket or the hooded jacket is seen to be trending in this color. This jacket is more eyes catchy and it suits with the biker dress. So this is the reason why grey color has been on height this season. Apart from this the grey color jacket has been popular with fitting feature. Mostly these jackets from ASOS are seen with buckle at the end of waistline.

3. Brown bomber leather jacket:

Generally among the hooded leather jacket and the puff leather jacket this brown color has been trending. The brown bomber jacket has been popular since last three years and yet has been ruling the market. The main reason for its popularity is that it has been recorded as the jacket which doesn’t fade its color and even it doesn’t allow the exposure of extreme rays. If you are in dusty area, still this brown bomber jacket can be practically good.

4. Faux Textured leather jacket:

This is another popular jacket for its texture. This jacket is fitting and makes it more comfortable and warm with faux texture. These jackets don’t have any issues of arms small or too big.

5. Quilted leather jacket:

Apart from other jacket this is another important jacket that has been popular for its texture. The jacket has the quilt characterized form which makes it warmer and spongy to wear. Generally several brands of jacket have quilted leather jacket produced but mostly north face is most trending on this category. The jacket is fully lined and has 100% pure polyurethane.

6. Puffed leather jacket:

This is another popular leather jacket which has been trending for its unique texture. The jacket has the puffed sleeves which is mostly trending in black color.

Apart from all these, there is still much other color that looks gorgeous on people .But these are the colors that have been on demand of the high number of customer. Go and grab these jackets that are on the hit list this season. All these are the wear that is going to redefine you this season.