Bomber Jacket

Bomber leather jackets - the present trends in design this winter

Bomber jackets are not an unknown name in the fashion world. Boys should have at least one collection in their wardrobe. The bomber jacket is famous jacket in the fashion world. This is the best jacket from its origin to the till now. It has occupied the number one place in the boys fashion from the then time to the present. This bomber jacket is best known as the name of flight jacket as well. It was originally created for the pilots for the winter season, but later it became the best wearing material for the original people as well. This can be the leather as well as the nylon jacket with the front zipper closure, two front pockets and the waist cuff. It was originally heavy in design as well as in weight. But these days the same designed bomber jacket comes in lighter version with more comfort features. This is the best choice of the teen ager boys, adult men, as a whole every aged male people.

Now let us discuss about the bomber jacket which are designable for the present trends for this winter.

1. Leather Bomber Jacket: The best designable jacket for this winter is none other than the leather bomber jacket. As mentioned in above paragraph the original version of this jacket was in leather. This is the black leather bomber jacket with aviator type of the neck design. The zipper closure, two side pockets, two buttons in the neck side are the best feature of this jacket. This leather bomber jacket is famous for male as well as for the female. The ladies leather bomber jacket comes in the fitting shape and size.

2. Biker Leather Bomber Jacket: The next elegant design for the present trend is none other than the biker leather bomber jacket. As this is properly described by the name that these jacket are used by the biker boys as well. Two side pocket, front zipper closure, two zipper pockets, black linings are the best features of this jacket.

3. Men's Classis Leather Bomber Jacket: The other sensational jacket of the season is of course men's classic leather bomber jacket. This jacket is trendiest enough for the season. The loose fitting leather jacket with two side pocket, two inside pocket, knitted waist cuff and knitted collar are the best features of this jacket. The best part of the jacket is one can get this jacket in the best black color.

4. Leather Zip up Bomber Jacket: The loose fitting leather jacket and the best choice of the adult men are none other than the leather zip up bomber jacket. This is jacket trendiest to the men of early 40's. The best feature of the jacket are, chocolate brown color, front zipper closure, waist cuff etc. This bomber jacket assures the best comfort level for the user.

5. Black Leather Slim Bomber Jacket: This jacket as similar to other bomber jacket but what make it different is none other than its slim and trim cutting of the jacket. This cutting gives the perfect body shape for the boys. This jacket really goes well with the casual jeans as well as the formal cotton pants.

The above mentioned are the trendiest bomber leather jacket of the present fashion world.