Bomber Jacket Women

The 5 top women leather jacket styles for this season- what's the must have

Women have various types of design wear that they can flaunt on their body .Shorts, Skirts or top whatever comes in leather form have been a trending wear as per the season. Well, this season of winter brings new trends in the leather jacket styles for women. There are different types of design in the leather jacket. As seen the jacket can be with fur and for those who have allergy with furs can get to wear the leather jacket without the fur. With different brands some of them are trending with plain design while some have pretty iconic design while some are trending just for color and some for the movie reflection. The 5 women leather jackets that are trending this season in the market are:

1. ASOS knitted leather jacket:

This is one popular leather jacket which is designed from ASOS. The jacket has knitted design all around the sleeves as well as on the half part of the jacket. Some edge around the frontal zipper has some scaly design on either side. The jacket has frontal zipper with button on the neckline. The neckline has standing collar. The most trending color in the jacket is Black. This jacket is mostly popular for young and slim ladies as they can flaunt their figure through this jacket

2. Quilted Leather jacket:

The most trending color in this jacket is Red or orange. The jacket has plain type of sleeves with scaly design on the frontal chest region. The jacket is trending with zipper on the frontal part which goes up to the neckline where there is button present to lock the neckline which is standing one. The jacket has two pockets on either side. It has quilted characteristic and thus gives spongy feel as well as gives warmth during winter season. This jacket is mostly popular among the young girls with white skin.

3. Ellen Trench women leather jacket:

This is one of the most trending leather jackets among the female wear this season. The jacket is characterized with buckle present on the waist line and thus can be tightened with that. There is presence of two pockets on either side of the chain and apart from that there is two pockets on the chest line. The jacket has collapsible collar. The jacket is trench type and covers the length up to the upper knee region .This jacket is popular for its smart look and unique purpose of design.

4. Fred leather bomber jacket:

This is one popular bomber jacket women which has been trending this season. The sleeve of this jacket is plain black with no any edge on wrist line. The jacket has faint color design on the frontal face with the zip on the front face. The edge of the zipper is black in color while the frontal part comes up with various colors, the trending color being grey .The jacket has buttons as well and it has pockets on either side of the zip which are open to put hand in it.

5. ASOS fur bomber jacket:

This jacket has fur on the neckline and has loose fitting. The jacket has two pockets on either side and is mostly popular as a biker. The jacket has been characterized with the zip. Another characteristic of this jacket is that there is buckle on the waist line. The most trending color of these bomber jacket women is blue.