Bomber Jacket Men

Bomber Jacket which are popular this season - The top 5 design patterns

There are several jackets which have been in the market of fashion since a long time. Some of the bomber jackets are worn by male and is termed as bomber jacket men while those worn by women are women bomber jacket. These jackets are popular for their designer, the brand; sometimes even the color as well as the pattern makes a unique impression on the market. Basically the bomber jackets were the wear of pilots and jet pilots which later started to became a casual and fashion wear and till today there have been several different types and trends on the market. There are some top trending jackets which have been popular this season as a bomber jacket due to its design patter. They are all enlisted below:

1. Papercut Rigel Bomber jacket:

This is one of the new trends in the design pattern for bomber jacket. In this jacket the materials can be recycled product and it uses newest sewing technique. The jacket has raglan sleeve. This new pattern of jacket has frontal welt pockets which is also featured with frontal black zipper. This is the trending wear of female and it’s paper cut design with recycle product makes it a unique jacket in the market of bomber jacket. Black colored jacket is trending in this season.

2. Raglan design Bomber jacket:

This is another new design that you can possibly see in the bomber jacket. In this jacket the main key of production is the sewing. The jackets are made quite long at the backend and shrink to short at the frontal end. This jacket doesn’t; have any lining except along the hemline. This season these jackets are seen with straight piece or even slightly curved piece. The popular color in which this jacket is trending is black.

3. Vlisco  bomber jacket:

This is a new pattern in the bomber jacket. This jacket has collapsible color with different colored sleeves as well as chest. In this new pattern the jacket has wrist line and the zipper on the frontal part of the chest. There are two diagonal shaped pockets which are characterized with zipper. The trending color of this jacket is creamy white with plain white sleeves.

4. African Ankara bomber jacket :

This is a new pattern in the bomber jacket men and is representing totally African culture. The jacket has tiger stripes on the sleeves with red stars like design. The chest part is more like brown in color. The neck line is all brown and the jacket is characterized with the zipper. The popular design pattern of this jacket is its ankwara print. This is popular among the African people though. The most popular color of trending on this jacket is yellow and red.

5. A2 style bomber jacket:

Although this was a past design but with slight modification this has been re-launched this season. This jacket was primiary introduced for the pilot or jet fighters which slowly started to become a trend among the people. In this new design pattern, the jacket is shortening up to the waist line with or without the fur on the neckline.

If you are looking for some new design of bomber jacket perhaps getting among these for your fashion wear might be a good start for you in this season.