Black Bomber Jacket

Modern yet practical look - The trendsetter's choice for bomber jackets

Bomber jacket were basically introduced for the pilots and the jet fighters. The jacket had a fixed design and fixed look. Fashion can leave no space untouched. Slowly and gradually even the pilot wear started to be a trending fashion wear. Those jackets were soon becoming a fashion wear and not just a jacket for pilot. Generally there are carried out surveys as which jacket has been trending among the youngsters and which jacket has been trending as the cheap jacket. If you are in any plan to buy some bomber jackets for yourself, perhaps it is a great idea if you go though the top lists that the trendsetters are choosing for the bomber jacket this season. This may or may not be just a celebrity choice but when trendsetter are setting the list of top jacket they generally keep in mind all the factors like quality, color, design pattern and the market demand. Here are list of few top choices of trendsetter for bomber jacket:

1. Blash bomber jacket: This jacket is more like a fancy design as this has floral design on the frontal part of the jacket. This jacket is trendsetter choice because of its flexible wear and design print. The jacket has variety of pattern and can be worn from the small age children to young and adult people too. This is mainly female wear though.

2. Grey Leather bomber jacket:

This leather bomber jacket is popular for its color as well as its design. The jacket is characterized with zipper on the frontal part and has two diagonal pockets on either side of the zipper. The jacket has special design on the waistline as well as wrist line.

3. Removable Hood bomber jacket:

This jacket is popular and is listed among the top of the leather bomber jacket because of its unification of the bomber jacket and the hooded jacket. This jacket has the hood which is removable. The hood is attached with the zipper and the zipper can be used to attach or unattach the hood from the main jacket. The main trending color of this jacket is black but grey and red are also trending. The jacket has two pockets on either side.

4. Mondo Bomber jacket:

This is men wear of bomber jacket which is another popular jacket that has been trending this season. This jacket is popular for its fitting and the print on the sleeves. The jacket has two horizontal pockets on the chest which is enclosed with the chain or zipper and has two diagonal pockets on the right and left of the main zipper which is basically used for keeping hands. The most trending color for this jacket is black.

5. Blurred Floral Bomber jacket:

This jacket is characterized with floral design on the frontal part of the jacket. Generally this is all about the female wear in the jacket but this one is generally popular for black bomber jacket. With the frontal zipper and two pockets on the either side the color and the print makes this jacket in the top list of the trendsetter choice.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this fine opportunity to make some of the best trending bomber jacket yours. These red, yellow or black bomber jacket or floral or plain bomber jacket are all there to make you look more trendy and smart. Make the best use of it.