B-15 Flight Jacket

The most practical leather clothing for a flight jackets - The 5 must have apparels

Flight jackets are one of the most integral elements for pilots which keep them warm and cozy at all times. Whenever we talk about the practical flight jackets, we always consider those products which are good enough to serve their primary purpose. These leather jackets should not only keep you warm but should also look professional and decent while you are on your job. There are plenty of such flight jackets available to you this season from which you can choose one of your choices. Let us enlighten the top 5 options which you have this season regarding the most practical leather flight jackets out there.

1. A2 Flight jacket

If you are looking for a formal flight jacket with a graceful and attractive look, then this jacket is the best choice for you. This shiny, black leather jacket comes in the design of a formal shirt. There are two flap pockets at the bottom of the jacket. The knitted cuffs and waist add to the beauty and look of the jacket. The shirt-like collar of this amazing jacket gives it a very formal and intriguing look as well. There is a zipper at the front for closing the jacket but it is covered by layer of leather which gives a very neat look to the jacket. This jacket is surely one of the best ones which you might find in the market.

2. Leather flight jacket modern A-2

This jacket comes with a shiny and attractive appearance. This jacket is perfect for those who wish to have a casual appearance. The jacket tends to keep one warm due to the thick leather it has been made from. So, if you are looking for a cool jacket out there, you must try this flight jacket.

3. B-15 flight jacket

The b-15 flight jacket comes in a bomber style, which gives it a pretty distinguished look. Bomber jackets are, in fact, one of the warmest jackets which tend to protect you from cold at all times. It comprises of knitted cuffs and waist to protect you from cold also to give you more comfort. There are two pockets at the front of the b-15 flight jacket which you could use for warming your hands. The best part about this jacket is its thick fur collar in black color, which looks simply amazing. In fact, it is practical to wear flight jackets with fur collars since they keep one warm.

4. Schott cowhide leather flight jacket

This is another cool jacket with knitted cuffs and a fur collar. The distinguishing look of this jacket is the two large flap pockets at the front. These pockets give a very formal as well as professional look. There is a button at the bottom of the jacket for closing it followed by a zipper at the top. There are also two straps at the shoulders of the jacket where one can conveniently attach his badges.

5. US Wings lambskin G-2 jacket

This is a very simple yet decent flight jacket. This jacket is available in dark brown color with shirt-like collars. There are two old-style pockets at the front which close with a bit button. The best part about this jacket is that its waist is stretchable which allows you to wear it comfortably.