Aviator Jacket Men

Latest trends for this season flight jacket-The top 5 fashion changes of this winter

Leather when combined with heritage makes it irresistible for the customers to not like it and demand it. In the fashion market each year the winter comes with the desire of wearing something beautiful in leather. For men of course, it is to wear something that shows strength, comfort and toughness. So here, what could be better than an aviator jacket men.

The history of aviator jacket goes back to the times where the US air crew fought against their enemy, with aviator jackets on for their protection and comfort. This tradition has been maintained till now by our fashion experts who firmly believe that nothing better could have been created that meets both the standard of protection and style. With this belief, we continue discussing the importance and qualities of the aviator jackets for men.

First of all, we will start discussing the quality of the fabric and materials from which it is prepared. The aviator jackets back then were either prepared from the best pure wool or the sheepskin that is warm and tough. Today, some of the designers have maintained this idea of quality by ensuring providing 100% pure wool or sheepskin. However, because of the fact that they are highly expensive, some of the designers have introduced mixed material of however high quality but not 100% pure fabric. The reason is of course to target the audience that cannot afford paying for the expensive pure wool. Nevertheless, there is no better investment than pure wool or sheepskin leather aviator jacket men.

Secondly, the shapes and styles available now in aviator jackets are beautiful. There are different styles, quilted, textures and with different cuts. The first most attractive thing we have seen this season is the shapes in which these aviator jackets for men are available. Unlike the old times, there are several cuts and shapes you will find. Some are skin fitted till the waist that gives a perfect shape to your natural body curve. However this style is mostly preferred by the men who ARE in shape. For the rest of the crowd however we do find a range of variety. For instance there are long aviators jackets with less fitting and an overall lose but stylish shape.

Other than that, there is a variety in colors. You can find different classical and bold colors in aviator’s jackets this season. These jackets are basically now categorized among the college going crowd and the working class. The working class prefers classical and dull colors while the college going crowd on the other hand prefers bold and bright colors with may be designs on it.

The original camouflage design is the most desired by the way. Despite the fact that it has been going on for ages and decades now, the customer and fan following of the military men still demands the original texture and design of these aviator jackets for men. These designs however are made on order unless some designers start a line themselves. You will find a few designers working on the original quality and design for this winter, but it will be a rare item as not all of the designers put their hands into something so challenging.