Why Leather Is More Popular In Fashion Trends Than Before

Today, we all want to look good and try to set trends with hopes of them catching on. Leather is flooding the fashion scene it is the latest trend to swarm the market. The fabric owes its popularity to its durability and flexibility. This makes it an excellent alternative to other materials. It has the quality to keep cool in summer and warm during winter. And here are a few reasons why it is hoarding our malls and catwalks all over the world:

More and more celebrities are rocking the leather flair

Since 2013, a notable number of celebrities have been seen in leather. Celebrities such as, Rita Ora, Alexa Vhung, and Jennifer Aniston they have made appearances wearing either the leather jacket, skirt or dress. Although celebrities don’t actually set out to start trends, by the public they are viewed as trendsetters. There’s also been a dramatic increase in online mentions of leather skirts since July this year. British-based American singer-songwriter and actor, Suzi Quatro, was the first woman to make leather stagewear fashionable, and that was way back in the 70s! The look however, was popularized by musician Joan Jett due to her frequent MTV appearances and chart topping hits.

Significant increase in leatherwear selection

The most popular items to come out of catwalks, fashion catalogues and magazines worldwide are skirts, dresses, shirts, boots, trousers and shorts. Despite the rise of these items, leather pieces that inspired shift into dresses and shirts are still trending within their subcultures (bikers). Leather is a luxurious item; retailers that display this will win consumers over.

Fashion designers frequenting it on the catwalk

Timing supported by 2013/2014 digital campaigns of brands shows different designers going with the leather look on the runway. The catwalk being the biggest fashion influencer, gives ear to what is hot right now! Retailers look to catwalks for inspiration and confirmation of the latest trends. This is mostly appealing to retailers who aim for a more luxurious appearance.Family-run fashion house, Woodland Leather, featured a few leather pieces in their latest range. The company thrives on releasing authentic and original pieces.

Retailers experimenting with leather

Leather encompasses a high fashion ideal which retailers know brings in the customers. Developments in types of leather, like, polyurethane (also known as PU) and imitation leather have warranted the increase in ownership of the product. Shop owners have invested in this cheaper product and customers are swarming in to get their hands on it.

In the olden days black was a favorable color of the leather garment. Today, fashion has become bolder and a lot more daring with color. We’ve seen neon’s and bright colors trending, the same thing is happening with leather and people are more than happy to oblige.

Leather is a classic piece, also timeless. Its versatility and longevity gives the garment its permanence for years to come on the market. It’s a timeless look that can be worn several ways. In coming weeks, even months, brightly colored & black patented leathers will make a huge mark in the market. Shop owners who continue to be innovative and find ways to create or sell leather in creative and eye-catching ways with definitely lure consumers to embrace the product more.